PhotonPhotography by Viktor Lakics

Shanghai Detail

Hi Everybody, I am back from my trip, sharing some photographs. Hope you like it:-) -------------------------------------- Zoomed view of a landmark architecture in Shanghai's Pudong the financial district. The circular walkway gives open access for pedestrians to all surrounding streets. As seen from above, standing at one of the observation decks in the Oriental Pearl Tower. If you are curious about the surroundings of this beautiful place, please check my other photo: The Big Picture for the photo, 'Shanghai Details'

From The 80th

The Senate of the Galactic Republic from Star Wars?!...No, not really! This is the view of the atrium of Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel located between the 57th and 87th floor of the Jin Mao Tower! On a few of my previous uploads the Jin Mao Tower was featured from outside. On this picture you can see the atrium of the hotel from the 80th floor. You do not want to jump down to reception:-)! I converted it from golden (the original colour) to B&W to stress the structure, but otherwise this is the view! Pure craziness if you ask me. No wonder that the daily maintenance cost of the building amounts to a whopping $121000 !! Hope you like it!

Stone Jungle Detail

...Colourful rooftops in Shanghai.

From the 80th Floor (2)

A different angle compared to my first shot which I uploaded some months ago. This is the view from the 80th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai, down to the reception area - perfect Vertigo. Just put yourself into my shoes for a second standing in the little bay shown on the bottom left corner of the photo and look down... Careful! Do not drop your camera:-)) ------------------------------------- If you voted here please also "Like" my PhotonPhotography Facebook page

Shanghai Split

Shanghai has many faces... So far I have shown you tall skyscrapers modern roundabouts, fantastic hotels. But Shanghai magic does not stop there... There are the historic neighborhoods, THE OLD SHANGHAI. This photo was taken there. The "Split" is on the photo, but it really exists there as well. Old and new continue to live side by side. Hope you like it:-)